SmartRoom VDR

Sensitive Data Safely Stored with a SmartRoom VDR

Do you need to upload a significant volume of data that is distributed across several locations? It’s no issue. SmartRoom provides a tool to assist you get your information uploaded and arranged into the room quickly, no matter where it is kept.


Spend less time clicking and more time focusing on the important things. SmartRoom offers a variety of tools and applications to help you simplify all of your processes.


We understand that people make mistakes, which is why we’ve included security mechanisms to identify and account for them. SmartRoom gives you complete visibility and control over all documents and user activity, both inside and outside the platform. Have complete confidence that your data will never fall into the wrong hands.


SmartRoom makes it simple to securely exchange information, interact, cooperate, and coordinate work with several people from different organizations at the same time.

Our data room’s multi-layered security is impossible to breach

We offer the highest level of protection of any virtual data room or secure file sharing solution available.

Security on a logical level

The Microsoft Azure platform is used to host the SmartRoom virtual data room. No consumers are permitted access to this platform, which is housed in extremely secure data centers. The network is completely separate from the rest of the BMC Group’s business networks. Because of the cloud nature of the Azure platform, SmartRoom encrypts all VDR data using the most up-to-date encryption algorithms and procedures to safeguard your room’s security.

Security in the real world

SmartRoom is based on the multi-layer security idea. It all starts with password-protected data centers and stringent user regulations. Network segmentation, firewall security, and proactive intrusion detection systems are all beneficial. Furthermore, to maintain the integrity of our user rights systems, our VDR is created with numerous levels of logical security.

A security that takes preventive measures

Our first line of protection is Next Generation Web Application Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems. We do regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests with top-tier security firms. In addition, our data room systems are built on the principles of high availability and disaster recovery. Our recovery point objective is 15 minutes for a full disaster scenario.

VDR service without comparison

We’re here to make things easy for you. While other virtual data rooms may give help, we offer a specialized solution geared to your individual deal. Not only will every user have access to in-house support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you’ll also be assigned a dedicated project manager who will help you with administrative and management tasks like training, index creation, content upload, security profile setup, user invitations, alert creation, and more. Think of us as a member of your team!

The unsung heroes of M&A and corporate finance are the virtual data rooms

  • They make it possible for investment bankers and others in these industries to store, distribute, organize, and interpret large volumes of data.
  • Virtual data rooms, such as FirmRoom, have taken on a new life as project management tools for M&A and other fields in recent years.
  • Instead of simply serving as data storage clouds for M&A firms, these solutions now enable them to make the process more intelligent, collaborative, and efficient.
  • A virtual data room, also known as a data room, is a secure online environment that serves as a repository for a company’s documentation. It is also known as a “VDR” or “electronic data room.”